Continuing with our Weekly Writing promp, this is a picture of three birds. I think they look a bit like Ravens or maybe vultures. The background looks more icy to me than desert. Or perhaps the sea shore?

Any way, I would love to read your writing and see what you make of it. Please leave your story/poems/flash fiction in the comments.

How tragic that the ship sank and the bodies washed up on a distant shore.

All that glory gone to waste, Braid and ribbons torn.

A vicious squabble over what, Who gets what.

But not a complete waste. Carrion crows flock to the feats.

10 thoughts on “Carrion”

  1. I like the picture, David. Here’s what came to mind.
    Ravens watching, pecking. Doing what they do. Scratching. Finding the hidden treasure washed ashore by the sinking ship.

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  2. Finn saw the dark shapes of the crows flying towards the shore and hurried across the sand dunes after them, hopeful to find scraps worth scavenging.
    Dealgan’s daughter, Meabh, stood on the damp, glass smooth shore by the tide, a trio of crows circling her, their heads bowed in honor. In the rainbow hued wetness beneath their feet, Finn spied the reflection of the crows as three raven haired woman, Meabh a mighty iridescent rook at their center.
    The Morrigan!
    Finn threw himself flat into the sea grass and shut his eyes, hoping the witches wouldn’t see him. He hardly dared breathe until he heard the sound of wings and cawing receding.
    He never told another soul what he witnessed that day on the beach, but for the rest of his life he took care not to cross Meabh.

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