Hi There

I’m David Rae and I’ve been telling stories all my life. Come in and check my website out.  Tell me what you think by leaving a comment or sending an email. You can read some of my published short stories, poems and flash fiction here, and catch up with all my latest news.


I live in Scotland in  a world of my own; a world of wonder, a world where hoards of workers spill out of factories, a world were fog and smoke shroud all kinds of creatures, a world where ruined castles, factories and houses were haunted by ghosts, gangs and memories. I live in world where witches have been burned at the cross and martyrs have been hung on the Gallowgreen. And I try and write and tell people all about it.

I update this site regularly, so check back from time to time or sign up for my mailing list.

Drop me a line and I hope to see you around

David Rae



5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi

    I have a question regarding your book I believe I should not post in public. Could you please send me an email so I can ask away?

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