Tonight is the Night

Don’t miss out on my launch party! Come along using the link below. There will be cake! But of course only I can eat it! But also Q&A sessions, Readings from CROWBAIT and discussion on World building.


I absolutely love the cover art for CROWBAIT and for the entire Sun thief Trilogy. A big thanks to the hugely talented Catherine Fitzsimmons for her brilliant work! Here are some of the other thoughts and designs considered during the evolution of the our cover art. And by the way it is possible to get…


It’s strange how things work out. I spent some time with my friend in Glasgow recently and took this photograph of Glasgow University Tower through a rain splattered window pain. I have to say it reminds me so much of CROWTOWER. It does look dark and ominous. I can definitely see Vatu and the priest…


Thank you Dixie Tuffington for a wonderful review of CROWMAN. Nothing an author loves more than feed back and support


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