As a writer there is nothing I like more than feed back. Good, bad or indifferent, feedback gives me the information I need to be a better writer, but it also creates a bond of sharing between myself and my readers. But it also lets other people get a feel for the book and wither … Continue reading CROWMAN REVIEW


This week I’ve deciced not to use on of my own picture for the writing prompt. This is Eliza Bennet playing the piano with Mr Darcy in the house of his great aunt. It certainly captures the scene which is one of my favorite stories. I love Pride and Prejudice I love the comedy of … Continue reading PLAY UP


This week’s prompt is an oil drum in the snow. I’m thinking its full of toxic waste, but it could be anything. It might be used but hobos to light a fire to keep, or might be used by someone to make a steel drum and bring the joy of music into the world. Perhaps … Continue reading TOXIC WASTE


The writing prompt for this week is a toy boat. I’d like to think that we’ll have nice happy stories and poems but I have a feeling that you guys will find away to make this dark. No doubt someone will fill it with murderous pixies or use it as a drone filled with explosives … Continue reading A TOY BOAT


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