This weeks writing prompt is a spider, (giant or other wise you decide). I must be one of the few people not the least bothered by spiders. Catching them and taking them out the house has won me so many brownie points with my wife.

I have a section in my work in progress called HOUSE OF THE SPIDER and I will add a little extract after the prompt.

Please do write something and add it to the comments. I really love to read them.


.  I slipped quietly into the cavern and there, to my horror, I saw the floor littered with the skeletons of countless children. The scene was rendered more horrible still by the presence of a hideous alter made of a slab of rough cut stone, to which poor Madeline was held by Mr Taranto and Mrs Grub. And the ghastly sight was completed by the presence at the head of the altar by her, by Ishtar. Now I knew from whence the sordid stench of lilies came.

The she-devil held that familiar silver dagger and she had pricked Madeline on the hand. Her blood dripped into a golden chalice (which I believe showed markings of the insular style)

“What monstrous place is this?” I exclaimed. “What devilry is this?”

As I spoke, Mrs Grub, leapt at me, but I downed her with a swift blow of the club. Madeline, now held only by Mr Taranto on the altar and struggled to escape his grasp. She turned to look at me, fully awake, and her eyes filled with fear.

“Unhand the child,” I cried. And turning towards me, he let Madeline go, and advanced with menace.

“You cannot stop us,” he said.

He stood, now revealed for what he was: a Lazarite. How could I not have known? I brandished the club, and again we began to grapple.

“Run child, run Madeline!” I called. And I saw her rise from the altar, and dart towards the passage way from which I had come, but Ishtar blocked her way.

“It is too late,” said Mr Taranto. “It is too late for you and the child.”

“Despicable,” I replied. “The Archbishop will hear of this.”

“You fool,” said Mr Taranto. “The Archbishop cannot help you now.”

While I grappled with the demonic headmaster, Mrs Grub rushed to the altar, grabbed the chalice and drank the hellish concoction it contained.

Some virtue in Madeline’s blood wrought a change on the woman. And what a change. The skin of the wizened old hag split open and from within the now dead husk of Mrs Grub emerged a creature of nightmares. What words can describe such primordial evil.

Things such as these should not walk the same earth as we do. I recalled the pit of Ishtar’s subterranean temple, and the demonic creature that devoured Cosgrove. Was it such a beast that now stood before me? Six red eyes shone from a single head, palps on either side carried venomous fangs. A monstrous body, draped in black fur, and suspended by eight jointed legs. The creature, an arachnid of monstrous size, moved towards me slowly; not from any fear on its part, but because it could see no need to rush. Its prey was caught. I had entered the house of the spider.

“You will not keep her from her prey,” cried Ishtar. Although now, I was its prey also.

10 thoughts on “SPIDER”

  1. Wonderful excerpt, very creepy! Here’s my response to the prompt:

    “Now, Mama?”

    “Not yet, darling,” the mother said. The two of them, mother and child, gazed down at the bed as the white-haired grandfather climbed under the covers. He yawned.

    “Now, Mama?”

    “Shh, darling. Be quiet so he can fall asleep.”

    The old man reached an unsteady hand toward the bedside lamp. His gnarled fingers wrapped around the knob and turned. The room fell into near darkness, but mother and child had strong eyesight, even within the darkest of shadows.

    The old man closed his eyes, and almost immediately his breathing fell into a whispery rhythm. A moment later, he snorted in his sleep, and his mouth dropped open.

    “Now, my child.” On strong ropes of silk, they descended.

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    1. I love this scary and funny at the same time. Not quite sure why they want to go into his mouth. I’m sure its not going to end up well for the old man. Having said that, Urban Myth says we swallow thousands of spiders in our life time, and spiders are related to both Lobster and Crab. The best crab is Spider Crab which I think I have eaten once in my life. Very nice it was too. My one great manly virtue (if that’s not too sexist) is that I am not afraid of spiders and it always my job to pick them up and take them out of the house. (It is bad luck to kill a spider)

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  2. She was gorgeous, and she said she loved animals, so it seemed natural that we ended the evening at my place. After all, I had my own apartment and she shared with two others. We’d have more privacy in my condo.
    “How many pets do you have?”
    I saw her checking the furniture for hairs, but my home was spotless.
    “Just the one. That’s all my rental agreement allows.”
    I meant to call Susie so she could say hello, but we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and we moved to the bedroom.
    I knew Susie had arrived when she looked over my shoulder and pointed at the ceiling.
    “What’s that? It’s beautiful.”
    I glanced up. Susie hung suspended above us, twirling so that her delicate limbs seemed to be made from crystal and she glistened in the lamp light like a diamond. Then she changed position and her arachnid form, the size of a German shepherd dog, became clear. I smiled. She looked even more beautiful.
    The woman under me gasped, clawing at her throat as she suffered a fatal heart attack from fright.
    “Not again.”
    I sat on the side of the bed buried my face in my hands. Why did this keep happening to me?
    Susie delicately descended to the bed and plucked at the still warm body with her front legs. She clicked her jaws together and looked at me beseechingly. She looked so cute. How could I refuse those eyes?
    “Go on, you can have her. She’s no good to me now.”
    Susie’s abdomen wiggled with excitement as she cocooned her meal.

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