This week’s prompt is an oil drum in the snow. I’m thinking its full of toxic waste, but it could be anything. It might be used but hobos to light a fire to keep, or might be used by someone to make a steel drum and bring the joy of music into the world. Perhaps it is filled with food, or maybe someone has used it to hide a stolen treasure of gold. I can’t wait to ready your stories. PLEASE PLEASE share them.


When the ice melted, the old drums were exposed. They were rusted and leaking. Their poison leaching out and into the sea.

“It’s the end of the world,” cried Raven. “It’s the end of the world.”

And all the animals ran as far as they could but they could not escape the bitter water.

Bear turned to Coyote “This is man’s latest trick.” he growled.

“Yes, ” said Coyote, “and his last, because he has played it on himself.”

The End.

8 thoughts on “TOXIC WASTE”

  1. The pattering of probing fingers on the outside of the barrel stirred Sally from her numb state.
    “Help me! Get me out of here.”
    She realized the clicking of nails came from the claws of crows, examining their new treasure.
    “Help me.”
    The rooks cawed again. Sharp beaks poked and pried at the rust spots on the barrel. A tiny hole appeared, letting in delicious fresh air.
    At nightfall, the rooks flew home to roost.
    Sally shivered in the barrel and dreamed of angels with glossy black feathers carrying her up to heaven.

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