I know it is Easter and I should be posting a prompt with Bunnies, Easter eggs and Chocolate, but I could not resist posting this.

Any way, here is my flash fiction

I could not believe how cold it was, I should not have left you here. But knew out in the forest no one would find you.  What led me back? An endless whispering. A need to see you on more time. The disquiet of leaves.

“You shouldn’t have hurt me?” you said. “You shouldn’t have left me alone.” And slipped your cold hand into mine.

12 thoughts on “WEEPING”

      1. You are too kind! I’m going for sad more than scary today.

        Casey left the adults behind in the sitting room and slipped through the double doors into the garden. Mam said she’d meet Philip again in heaven, but she didn’t want to die to spend time with her big brother. She wanted him running through the woods behind the house, playing hide and seek like they did before the sickness and the endless hospital stays and treatment.

        The leaves crunched under Casey’s feet, but it was no fun kicking them without Phil.

        She ran to their spot, hid her eyes behind her folded arms and started counting loudly. Philip was out there, hiding in the woods like always, and as long as she look up, she’d never have to accept otherwise.


  1. Wow You girls have really got this writing thing! I love them both. Iseult that is so touching. and a nice twist on the image. Pricilla that’s also a great twist and it brings in Easter!

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