So Following on from the suggestion that we have a weekly picture prompt. Why not write a short piece about a dolphin and leave it in the comments? My work in progress has a dolphin in it. But I wont say too much about that, other than to suggest swimming with this dolphin might not be a great idea.

9 thoughts on “Dolphins”

  1. My Flash based on seeing them weave along past Gorcock last year

    Sleek slender leap, fleet fish-shaped flash
    Quick tumbling torpedo turning jumping delight
    Then under over onward and gone.

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  2. Madam Sara sat outside her tent, filling the air with purple smoke. A little girl holding clouds of spun sugar bigger than her head watched wide eyed as the smoke formed into curlicue waves. An insubstantial dolphin leapt from the vaporous ocean and cavorted before Madam Sara, dancing closer to the dark maw of the tent behind her with each flick of its powerful tail. Candy floss forgotten, the little girl stumbled after the dolphin into the jaws of the tent. Madam Sara smiled and started to sing as the tent ate its meal.


  3. I’ll give it a try:
    I took my catboat out for sail. The breeze kissed the low waves, and the sun was kissing my cheeks.

    I was about twelve miles out when I saw the dolphin, the one with the T-shaped scar on its head, to the port. “Hello, pal!”

    The dolphin swam alongside, the normal “smile” of the species hidden just below the surface. He looked like a torpedo.

    I was glad to see him. The previous weekend the wind had dropped, and the same dolphin with the scarred head poked around the hull as I waited for the breeze to pick up. After an hour of waiting, I got bored and broke out the cooler.

    At first, I shared my potato chips to entertain myself, tossing the dolphin a chip, watching him spin and jump. But then I got irritated that he was having fun and I was getting sunburned. I should have been back at the dock by now. I tossed the whole rest of the bag in the water, and the stupid creature gobbled it up, ate the bag.

    After a minute, when he swam back for more, splashing in circles like a giddy kid, I yelled, “Stop it! You’re having fun, and I’m stuck out here. This sucks!” I hurled the rest of my soda at him, bottle and all. I missed, but he dove below the surface and came back up, mouth wide, and ate the soda bottle.

    It didn’t take long before he choked to death.

    And now, here he was again. Upon second look, his head was caved in around his blowhole. His sleek dolphin skin was peeling in places, revealing decomposing flesh.

    He was quite dead.

    And still he torpedoed alongside me, one cloudy eye glaring at me.

    I removed an oar from the storage bench and raised it high like a weapon. I leaned over the water to pummel the swimming dead thing beside me to render it immobile.

    As the oar came down, the dolphin charged my sailboat. His headbutt jostled me enough to throw me off balance. I fell into the water.

    The catboat sailed on without me. The dolphin was gone. I spun around, left, right. I was alone.

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