Hi All

The second book in the Sun Thief Trilogy CROWTOWER is coming out June 11th

I need help spreading the word about this novel. Books, especially ones published by indie presses, need all the grassroots word-of-mouth they can get. 

Would you join my launch team?

It’s super simple to participate.  All you have to do is copy/paste a link or picture onto social media on launch day! That’s it! If you are on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media just share any one of the images below. Or all of them if you like!

And don’t forget to check out CROWTOWER for yourself. There is a free Chapter on Amazon and on the Brain-lag website

ALSO don’t forget the launch party on the 12th of June


Crowtower (2) (The Sun Thief): Amazon.co.uk: Rae, David: 9781928011507: Books

Thanks so much

David Rae

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