I have three copoes of CROWMAN to giveaway. leave a comment in the links and your contact details. The winners will be announced September the first.

“A conceptual and intriguing fantasy novel with plenty of clever secrets to uncover… There is a cinematic and emotive quality to this coloring of the work, making it easily imagined in the reader’s mind, and all the more painful and poetic when things go wrong. Overall, Crowman is a fantastic work with plenty of surprises for the diligent reader and is highly recommended for fans of intelligent and conceptual fantasy fiction. ★★★★★” – Readers’ Favorite

“What can I say about Crowman? A myth I’ve known all my life, but only read for the first time. Symbolism that speaks to the hollows in my bones. Language that is spare and beautiful at the same time. A narrative that is both a riddle and simple. When the darkness consumes all, does this group of strangers stand a chance? Rae’s debut novel is a triumph. I can’t wait to read more of his books.” – Iseult Murphy, author of Return to Hades and Other Adventures

“David Rae’s Crowman is a wonderfully curious tale with allegorical and mythological elements.” – Terrie Leigh Relf, author of Sisterhood of the Blood Moon

15 thoughts on “FREE GIVE A WAY – A COPY OF CROWMAN”

  1. David,
    Great to see you post again. I’m finding it incredibly difficult to focus during “The Time of the Covids”., so it’s nice to see you forging ahead. Congratulations on getting your story into the podcast. I’ve been playing with the idea of recording audio versions of a couple of my stories and putting them up on my website. WordPress has a widget you can download that allows you to place audio files into your posts. I’ll probably give that a try.
    Keep writing!


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